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Sofra Daymeh Sets the Table for Progress

Our voice extends far beyond our words, with every action shaping the world we believe in and live in. Daleen Saah, L.A. based Urban Planner + Designer and the visionary...
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Healthy Women Nurturing the World

On July 24th and August 1st, Healthy Women Healthy World, (HWHW) are screening Soufra at their Portland and Seattle Movie Night event, sharing their message of women’s empowerment with a new perspective around refugee connection.
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Cook's Gazette Explores Soufra's Language of Food

Cook's Gazette recently published Palestine: Issue 16 – The Language of Food, as Lisa Gershenson was inspired after experiencing Soufra, "The documentary...sparked in me a different interest, an awareness of the...
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The Power of One

There is scientific evidence that every human being is connected in this world somehow, and that the action of every person has a global impact. When the intrepid social entrepreneur...
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Social Entrepreneur Tamara Alexandre Uses Launch Success to Feed the Soufra Fund

Loyola Marymount University organized a screening of Soufra to celebrate the success of Mariam Shaar in her social entrepreneurial endeavor, and the event came full circle as they collaborated with...
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Cultivating a Generation of Empathy

The possibilities throughout our lives subject us to a variety of differences. Differences that uniquely shape the human experience to each individuals perspective. A facet of life that is beautiful...
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Possibilities of Purpose

Stepping into the unknown to follow one’s deeper desire will always be met with fear, but the doors of possibility that will open, will always be worth it.
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Social Entrepreneurship: Putting Theory to Practice

At Loyola Marymount’s College of Business Administration, one professor’s commitment to teach the importance of Social Entrepreneurship has provided his students with the opportunity to take theory far beyond the...
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The Daily Star: Sarandon, Stiller scoot to Beirut in support of ‘Soufra’

Susan Sarandon and Ben Stiller's visit to Beirut for the Soufra screening was featured in The Daily Star Lebanon.  A version of this article appeared in the print edition of...
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