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Touching and inspirational. We need to have more films like this.

Carolyn (Test Screening)

This film is inspirational on many levels. It is meaningful to hear and witness the stories of these women, the coming together of worlds and cultures and the shared experience of food. They found hope.

G. Gifford (Test Screening)

A fantastic film that should be seen by everyone. Beautifully made! Thank you!

Iijn (Test Screening)

I fell in love with these women and hope everyone can see this and the truth of refugees.

Rich (Test Screening)

What an inspiring story! I would love to watch this with my children.

Nico (Test Screening)

A deeply personal and inspiring documentary -- the everyday lives of the women are brought to life in a warm and truth way.

Judith (Test Screening)

A great film showing hope, dreams, and aspiration are achievable if you set your mind to it!

- Graham (test screening)

This story is incredibly moving.  As a woman who has made a living by doing what I am passionate about, it is immensely inspiring to see women do the same in nearly impossible circumstances.  The women of Soufra are clear testaments of the human spirit!


April Bloomfield, Chef (The Spotted Pig, New York)

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