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We are excited to announce that on December 5, 2018, The Vatican will host a special screening of Soufra.

This incredible opportunity is part of the 2018 Laudato si’ Challenge and is the start of a new campaign we have named Breaking Bread with the goal of establishing 1,000 interfaith screenings of Soufra around the world by the end of 2019.

This new initiative is designed to bring conversations about community, entrepreneurship and refugees to your church. Using stories of inspiring individuals around the world and shared meals, we gather people together with the goal of building a culture of empathy and acceptance.

We hope Mariam’s story of hope and resilience inspires interfaith dialogue and challenges all of us to build a stronger and more inclusive global community. We need your help to start this exciting new chapter of Soufra.

There are communities around the world who work with people just like Mariam and want to use the film to further their work.

People are called to host their own screening of Soufra. “You may not be able to make it to The Vatican, but you can host your own screening and ‘Soufra feast’ in your hometown,” says Soufra Director Thomas Morgan. “This is about the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity coming together to break bread--and break barriers. This is about standing in solidarity for those forced from their homes.”


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