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About Buying a License

Do I really need to purchase a license to show the film?

Yes! Here's the rule of thumb: if you are showing the film anywhere outside your home, you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate package and license for your institution. We review all purchases to confirm correct licensing. Licensing keeps your event legal while also helping us keep our efforts sustainable.

If partners are unable to meet the licensing cost we do have sponsorships available through our Breaking Bread initiative. Apply Here.

What type of license do I need to purchase?

We have two licenses. One for educational screenings and one for everything else. Here’s a quick breakdown of the licenses and types of organizations that qualify:

Educational License:

This license is for all higher education institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, graduate schools, advanced degree programs, and medical education institutions. If you are a professor, librarian, or administrator at one of these institutions, you should purchase this license. This license is also for public libraries and K-12 schools. If you’re a librarian, teacher, administrator, or educator at one of these institutions, you should purchase the Educational License.

Screening License:

This license is for nonprofits, businesses, senior living communities, churches, advocacy organizations, and community groups. If you’re showing the film to any kind of public or private gathering that’s not a school, library, or educational institution, and it's for a one-time only event, you should purchase the Screening license.

How long is the film?

The full-length feature runs 73 minutes. If you choose to bring Director Thomas Morgan to your event, he will speak for up to one hour.

Is the film appropriate for young viewers? What is it rated?

The film is appropriate for all ages, although most of the film is spoken in Arabic and subtitled in English, so it may be challenging for lower school audiences.

Are the contents of the package the same for all of the licenses?

The difference is the license, which is based on the type of organization and usage of the film. The Educational license is for unlimited screenings on campus and includes a packaged Blu-Ray for you to keep, educational booklet with discussion guide, and access to digital marketing materials. All other licenses are for one time screenings and come with a Blu-Ray and access to digital marketing materials. Upon completion of a screening, the Blu-Ray must be returned to our offices. Please see the next question for more information.

I’d like to show the film at multiple chapters, branches, or locations of my organization. What should I do?

Let us know if you want to make this available to multiple locations or chapters and we'll come up with a licensing structure that works for you.

Where is my money going?

If the host purchases cookbooks, 50% of the profits go to Mariam and the Children’s Center to help with supplies and teacher’s salaries and 50% goes back to our investors. At this point, all printing costs of the first print run have been covered. However, we need to run a new order of cookbooks and are looking for donors who are interested in helping fund the $15K printing cost so we don’t have to recoup that cost before the money is sent back to the women and investors. 
Ticket sales from the event should go to whomever the host determines. The film has generated a lot of support for Mariam and her projects (over $800K), so we encourage hosts to consider local refugee service initiatives that might not have so much visibility but also need help. 
If the host decides to send proceeds to Mariam, 100% of donations made through our website ( go directly to the WPA through Alfanar, who manages their money for the business since the women running it are refugees and don’t have bank accounts. 
We're happy to sell tickets on our website for you and those profits can go towards WPA as well. Let us know if you're interested in setting that up.