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A Thomas Morgan Film
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Soufra follows the unlikely and wildly inspirational story of intrepid social entrepreneur, Mariam Shaar – a generational refugee who has spent her entire life in the Burj El Barajneh refugee camp just south of Beirut, Lebanon. The film follows Mariam as she sets out against all odds to change her fate by launching a successful catering company, “Soufra,” and then expand it into a food truck business with a diverse team of fellow refugee woman who now share this camp as their home.

2018-2019 Global Screening Tour

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The SoufraCookbook

Not only does this cookbook share some of the most treasured recipes that changed the lives of the Soufra women, but it also will give back to the families at the camp. The women of Soufra, through WPA, are full partners in the publication of this book. They will share equally in proceeds from its sales, which will contribute to the ongoing development of the camp’s Children’s Center and to building a school for the children in the camp.

Latest Updates

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Healthy Women Nurturing the World

On July 24th and August 1st, Healthy Women Healthy World, (HWHW) are screening Soufra at their Portland and Seattle Movie Night event, sharing their message of...

Cook's Gazette Explores Soufra's Language of Food

Cook's Gazette recently published Palestine: Issue 16 – The Language of Food, as Lisa Gershenson was inspired after experiencing Soufra, "The...

The People

Thomas Morgan

Director & Producer

Susan Sarandon

Executive Producer

مريم الشعار Mariam Shaar

منال حسن Manal Hasan

مهى هجاج Maha Hajjaj

غادة مصرية Ghada Masrieh

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Instead of putting the films in theaters and offering the DVD for individual sale, we believe that watching this film should be an event that actively brings a community together and facilitates the conversation about what it means to live a happier and more connected life.

Coming early 2018, we will have a number of screening options so that groups both large and small and large can organize screenings and watch the film together and transform their communities.

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